GoPro 4 Night Lapse Tutorial: Post-Production Editing, Color Correction, and Exporting all in Adobe Premier Pro CC.

A small amount of color correction can make all the difference!

First, have you read our Gopro HERO4 Night Lapse Tutorial Part 1? If not, you may want to start there.
How To Film the Stars with GoPro Night Lapse -Part 2- focuses on post-production; a critical step in the filmmaking and night lapse process. Post production—all the editing, FX, and color correction that goes into a video for the final product— can be very time consuming and even more frustrating, but our video guide makes this process fast and easy. Learn how to import your photos, create the night lapse video file, apply video effects and quick color correction, and export your time-lapse in the highest quality. This is a no BS guide to making beautiful night lapses.

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4:15 — editing and color.
16:10 — export settings.

Download GoPro Studio here. Try Premier Pro here


I hope you enjoyed the lesson and learned a lot. Here is my final night lapse created in the video lesson, and please share your first night lapse with us!

GoPro 4 Night Lapse – The Sky Comes Alive from Kristian Bell on Vimeo.


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