Floating Islands Drawing

Riding the Floating Islands of my Imagination. Sketchbook Pencil Drawing #5

This is my best drawing to date. It took insane time and energy to get this far and I’m not even done yet! I went into this drawing having never drawn rocks or mountains; as you may imagine it was a frustrating start. All of my drawings are just inspired from my thoughts and imagination—it’s not much fun to copy down a picture—and while it’s tiring to figure out each step of a project, I have developed very quick as an artist.
Appreciate this detail for a second… and just think this photo was taken before I went back through to highlight/outline or erase any smudges.



A couple months ago I was given a sketchbook and I plan to fill the pages. Like what you see? Here’s all my Sketchbook Drawings.

USA Road Trip Ziplining

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