** UPDATE 12:40 ***

$NVCN After breaking $3.00 – Next Support/Resistance at $3.14 / $3.80 / $4.02.

Breakout Chart: All the bears are falling for the same game. Notice the power along the straight yellow line.

**update^**Absolutely Nailed it! Like I said, Will bounce of bottom support line every time.  ( mins later)


Holding to $4.00


UPDATE 12:20 ***

Will retest $3.00.  NVCN will get to $4.00 if not today, then this week. Go Bulls

Wow was I spot on.  Got done Posting this^^^ and BANG!


We have broken 2.25!! On the way up TDM!!

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Currently trading at 2.19 and up 55% on the day. There is strong resistance at 2.24, and the chart may raise fears of a selloff. While many bears are preaching this stock is overbought, Don’t sell too early! There is a huge gap to fill from $2.24 to $3.00, and NVCN has the power to do it. At 43.1 MILLION volume by midday, it looks like this stock may return to the 4$ it was at pre-lawsuit in April. Here is a one minute chart where I outlined the power moving this stock up. Best of luck to you!

Good Support at 2.04, 2.13, and 2.16. Break out potential above 2.25.

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