Cliff Jumping in Yellowstone | Road Trip Edit #1

 Intense cliff jumping during our stop in Yellowstone National Park.

By Kristian Bell

Filmmed with the GoPro HERO4 and the Canon 70D. Edited with Adobe Premier Pro.


The 4Dudes1Yukon roadtrippers are not your average bunch of travelers. We wanted to take our road trip to the next level so we went big. A week after graduating high school the four of us packed into the Yukon for the 6400 mile, 3 week long roadtrip through America’s biggest national parks. Get ready for incredible edits and photos from across the nation.

Destinations: MOAB, Arches National Park, Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, Yosemite, Highway 1, Del Norte Redwood State Forest, Crater Lake, and Yellowstone.
Roadtrippers: Dylan Anderson, Tyler Wilson, Dyllan Johnson, and Kristian Bell.

Roadtrip Happenings:

dyTop 15 Panoramas – Most recent photography post from the roadtrip.

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Dylan’s Photography from the trip:

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USA Road Trip Ziplining

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