Premier Pro CC vs. Final Cut vs. Sony Vegas

Editing, transitions, audio, resolution, and several other factors are important aspects that many professional videographers, producers, and journalists look for when using video production and editing programs. There are quite of programs to choose from when searching for the highest quality program. Before purchasing any video editing or production programs I always like to test-drive them. Whether reading reviews or finding programs that offer a free trial make sure it will be worth your time and money. Although Apple’s editing program Final Cut Pro holds over 50% of the non-linear (NLE) editing market (2016), Adobe Premier Pro CC is giving them some steep competition. After reading several reviews it is safe to say Adobe offers more attributes than Apple Final Cut Pro, and once again Adobe is compatible across all PCs and devices where as Final Cut Pro is only compatible with Mac PCs.


Adobe Premier Pro CC Review

Much research has been done on Adobe’s new upgraded video production and editing program called Adobe Premier Pro CC. Unlike most programs, Adobe has decided to add more tools to the program while at the same time create improvements to some of it’s existing tools. Some of the tools added include cloud libraries, color workspace, multi project workflows, and adobe anywhere integration. The new editing program also offers mobile compatibility. This add-on allows users edit and produce videos on devices (tablets, phones, etc.), as well as, on their desktop. The best part about this is that the information is easily transferrable from the device to the desktop. Unlike Adobe Premier, Sony Vegas does not allow for this as it is only compatible with Windows.


I personally use Premier Pro’s new color work-space. It has become an essential step in editing videos, and this new tool has allowed for the breathtaking shots like my GoPro 4 Night Lapse videos and YouTube Edits. Here is Premier Pro CC’s editing platform and color work-space:

Premier Pro CC software


Final Cut Pro X is a close comparison to Premier Pro. Apple’s software may lose to adobe in terms of features and overall capabilities, but in my experience FCP X matches, if not beats Premier Pro in layout and looks. Here is Final Cut Pro’s Editing Platform:

FCP X editing software


Sony Vegas is a few years behind these two powerhouses and is almost a non-competitor. The Vegas platform:

sony vegas 10.4 editing


Adobe’s, Sony’s and Apple’s video production and editing program all offer the following:
  • 4k (Ultra HD) resolution
  • DVD/Blue Ray authoring
  •  Audio editing tools
  • Ability to work on multiple projects at one time
  • Easily export work to a variety of data files
  • Timeline editing
  • Global transitions
-Why Adobe Dominates-

What makes Adobe Premier Pro a more favorable choice over Final Cut Pro and Sony Vega

according to Adobe (2016):

  • Easier to use
  • More editing tools
  • Customizable editing tools
  • Multi-cam editing
  • Uninterrupted playback
  • Import and export easily from other programs such as Avid Media and Final Cut Pro
  • No transcoding required


I hope this post was educational and thank you for reading.

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