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Hello! I’m Kristian Bell

Student at Columbia University. Focus: Filmmaking and Entrepreneurship. Sports: Skiing and Football.

I am a filmmaker, blogger, student, freelance editor, and entrepreneur among other things. I started Viabell Media for other filmmakers, bloggers, and creative professionals that love the adventure. Today, our team is either out there capturing the moment or developing media packages, stock images, and tutorials that are unmatched in the action sports/adventure community. Our goal is to inspire travelers, athletes, adrenaline junkies, and adventurists, while helping enabling community share their stories with the world. Have great film but no time to edit? Need photos for your travel website? Our products and services are perfect for any creative project or website. Don’t be shy! Send us any question, requests for freelance services or requests for custom media package and we will work with you to make it a reality. My Current Project: NYC Studio

  • Editing: Premier Pro 95%
  • Filmmaking 85%
  • Internet Marketing 50%
Dylan Anderson

Dylan Anderson


Student and Athlete at University of Minnesota.
Main focus: Photography and Design
Sports: Wrestling and Rollerblading

VSCO Instagram

  • Photography 90%
  • Photo editing: Lightroom 65%
  • Athletics 95%
Tyler Wilson

Tyler Wilson


Student at NYU.
Focus: Computer science and data management
Athletics: Baseball and Longboarding

  • Editing: Premier Pro 50%
  • Networking 90%
  • Photography 70%
Dyllan Johnson

Dyllan Johnson

Project Management

Student at UW-Stout.
Focus: Music Production and creativity
Athletics: Frisbee and Hiking

  • Music 92%
  • Community Mangaement 70%
  • Tech Support 75%

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We do it different at Viabell. We are focused on inspiring creativity and new ways to share the adventure.

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We want audiences to not just passively consume media but share an experience through film and photography. Elevating creative projects one by one.

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Dedicated to the community. We maintain a large store of free projects, video, images, and tutorials that are available to everyone.

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Freedom, Friends, and High Places – USA Road Trip Photos

4Dudes1Yukon USA Road Trip: 6400 miles, 16 stops, 4 dudes, and 1 Yukon.
A week after graduation, we packed up the yukon and struck out on a three week road trip around America’s most stunning National Parks. It was an epic trip to say the least. Here are some of the more intense pictures from the many adventures!

The Top 5 GoPro Accessories 2016 – Get The Best GoPro Video Footage

Accessories For All Filmmakers

The GoPro action camera has a simplistic design and one button operation but provides excellent action photographic results. The GoPro—indestructible yet small— is perfect for extreme sports but the camera alone is often inadequate for capturing the perfect shot. Having the right accessories is the key for getting the shot and allowing you to get right in the action. Without accessories like the Gimbal and battery packs, my GoPro productions would be impossible.

GoPro 4 Night Lapse Tutorial: How To Film the Stars in 4K (Part 2)

A small amount of color correction can make all the difference!
First, have you read our Night Lapse Tutorial Part 1? If not, you may want to start there.
How To Film the Stars with GoPro Night Lapse -Part 2- focuses on post-production; a critical step in the filmmaking and night lapse process. Post production—all the editing, FX, and color correction that goes into a video for the final product— can be very time consuming and even more frustrating, but our video guide makes this process fast and easy. Learn how to import your photos, create the night lapse video file, apply video effects and quick color correction, and export your time-lapse in the highest quality.

12/6/16 NVCN Midday Trading Alert

** UPDATE 12:40 *** $NVCN After breaking $3.00 - Next Support/Resistance at $3.14 / $3.80 / $4.02. Breakout Chart: All the bears are falling for the same game. Notice the power along the straight yellow line. **update^**Absolutely Nailed it! Like I said, Will bounce...

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